CAYAD – About us

CAYAD is a civil partnership formally incorporated in Mexico in 2003 but initiated and established since 2002, by the founding partners Ricardo Cancino Sánchez and Horacio Ayuso Villaseñor, for the express purpose of providing quality and comprehensive legal services to both Mexican and foreign clients under a customer service philosophy with the commitment to deal with our clients’ affairs professionally and diligently. Our mission is to provide legal advice of the highest quality that adds value to our clients, all with the best timing and at reasonable rates.

Our goal is to establish a personalized relationship with our clients to better understand their needs and gain their trust for the services we provide. We take pride in the success of our clients and in our contribution to such success. We are committed to advising our clients in a constant and reliable manner, minimizing risks and maximizing the allocation of human and financial resources.

Together, our attorneys work across practices and jurisdictions providing our services professionally, applying their collective experience to solve any challenges that our clients may confront.

CAYAD – Background

CAYAD commenced its operations in September of 2002 by Ricardo Cancino and Horacio Ayuso, who began providing quality legal services to clients with specific needs in the aviation industry as well as regarding international trade matters, at reasonable rates and with flexible schemes, tailored to the specific operation of such clients. Currently, with two decades of work and cumulative experience, CAYAD has added the expertise and abilities of all our partners and associates that have joined us ever since, bringing together top specialists in each of the practice areas that we handle, thus applying our abilities, knowledge and experience in our clients’ benefit.


We take pride in the success of our clients and in our contribution to such success.

CAYAD – Philosophy

CAYAD is a specialized law firm that provides its clients with the most efficient and professional services, through the knowledge and expertise of its partners and associates, in the different legal areas each of them practices.

We work under a service philosophy founded on ethical and efficiency principles, pursuing to grow together with our clients; hence, we solely and always work focusing on their best interests, leaving aside any personal or economic short term goals, thus accomplishing long term relationships that continue to develop as our clients grow.

CAYAD – Pro Bono

We see Pro Bono work as integral to the professional and personal development of our legal staff. Within our firm, our lawyers have the opportunity to undertake pro bono matters that connect them to communities in Mexico as they provide legal services to those in need. We strongly believe that pro bono legal activity is in the public interest as well as in the professional and personal interest and development of our attorneys. Accordingly, we sponsor and promote participation in pro bono work.

CAYAD – International

Since we are aware of the globalization effect that the business world is currently experiencing, we are integrated as an international law firm. Hence, all of our lawyers are bilingual and, in several cases, they have obtained graduate degrees abroad.

Taking into consideration our client’s needs, CAYAD is a member of various international networks of independent international law firms, in order to provide comprehensive services not only in Mexico but in any jurisdiction where the business of our clients may take place; trough which we provide services to our clients in several regions in a specialized and comprehensive manner.

We provide services to a large percentage of international clients with the same enthusiasm that we do for our national clients, for their domestic business, as well as for their multinational or foreign transactions, whether directly or through our affiliated law firms throughout the world.

  founded in 1988 by a group of law firms in the UK, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy, it developed into one of the first international networks of private practitioners.