Administrative And Regulatory

The law firm has significant experience in aviation licensing, certification, regulatory and enforcement matters. Our attorneys advise clients on structuring their operations consistent with Mexican Law and Regulations affecting the private aviation industry, including commercial agreements and leases, air carrier security, aircraft noise and environmental issues, certification and route matters granted by the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (Mexican Federal Aviation Administration), aircraft registration and recordation of security interests in aircrafts.

Aircrafts Sales, Financing And Registration

Our law firm has represented purchasers, sellers, lessors, lessees, lenders and creditors in aircraft finance transactions involving a wide variety of structures, including cross border leases, lease in/lease out arrangements, domestic leveraged leases involving aircraft and engines, sale/lease backs, single investor leases, operating leases, and wet leases. The firm regularly advises clients on the purchase and sale of aircrafts and negotiates and drafts the necessary documentation.