Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Domestic and foreign clients are assisted in all types of international and national transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, trusts, joint ventures and/or commercial agreements suitable to each transaction. We negotiate and elaborate asset and stock purchase agreements, joint venture agreements, as well as ancillary documents associated with such transactions.

We support our clients in all their mergers and acquisitions transactions helping the business decision makers understand the impact of the applicable laws and take them into account in strategic planning.

We have coped with corporate, financial, and banking matters, including negotiation and paperwork for development of contracts that will support diverse interests in a wide commercial context. We are experienced in solving clientsʼ problems deriving from differing cultural, linguistic and legal environments.



In the actual global markets, antitrust issues become more important every day. New regulations and restrictions are introduced by governments worldwide as their enforcement becomes more rigorous.

We support our clients in their merger and acquisition procedures, providing advice as to the importance and impact of the legal framework on this subject, so that they are duly considered before and during the planning of such operations.

Our antitrust services cover any notice procedures or filings before the Federal Antitrust Commission (“Comisión Federal de Competencia”) and any litigation before such federal entity.


Corporate Restructuring and Litigation

Our experience in corporate and tax advise has been combined with the design and implementation of total corporate restructuring processes. We have strong experience in dissolution and liquidation of Mexican companies as well as in the restructure of any kind of company.


Due Diligence

The majority of the transactions are previously examined by our law firm in careful and thorough due diligence processes. We have represented several companies in due diligence processes of attempted and/or actual purchases of Mexican corporations.


Incorporation of Companies, Branches and other Entities

Our attorneys are widely experienced in the incorporation and establishment of Mexican entities with foreign and local participation.

CAYAD regularly advises foreign and local clients in the establishment of corporations, partnerships and associations of any type (civil and commercial in nature), as well as in the establishment of foreign subsidiaries, foreign branches and representation offices in Mexico. Our advice in this area is always enhanced by a pertinent tax and corporate planning, in order to evaluate the risks in the decision-making process. We also advise our clients as to the establishment of non-profit associations and charitable associations.


Governmental Authorizations

The attorneys at CAYAD are knowledgeable concerning all administrative procedures undertaken by the National Commission of Foreign Investment to authorize foreign participation in regulated areas. Our attorneys have also acquired expertise in interpreting and complying with administrative procedures of other governmental authorities, both local and Federal, such as the Mexican Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the National Insurance and Bond Commission, the National Banking Commission, the Federal Telecommunication Commission and the Energy Regulatory Commission, the Mexican Federal Aviation Administration, among others.

Our broad scope of experience in these areas is further enhanced by our personal access to many levels of the Mexican public administration allowing an efficient and effective representation before Mexican governmental agencies.


Corporate Governance And Companies Regulation

CAYAD is responsible for its client’s corporate minutes and books, their drafting and maintenance; such books and minutes evidence all companies’ corporate life. Such tasks include, amongst others, the drafting, negotiation and performance of the entries on the stockholders registry books, the Shareholder’s meeting minutes book, the board of directors meeting minutes book, the corporate stock variations ledgers book, as well as the grating of powers of attorney and the local and federal arrangements regarding registries and filings, such as the Public Registry of Commerce, the Federal and Local Real Estate Registry, the Finance Ministry, The National Insurance and Bond Commission and the National Banking and Securities Commission, amongst others.a