Our firm is dedicated as well to the elaboration of legal opinions, preparation and followthrough of administrative and judicial processes (litigation) and due diligences related to civil and administrative law.


In civil law we cover the following areas: mercantile, lease and family law. We review all type of contracts such as: purchase, mortgages and guarantees, as well as the related litigation, representing our clients as plaintiffs or defendants.


Management of debt securities and instruments (promissory notes, checks, etc.), invoices, receivables, beginning with the collection and recovery management and procedures, to litigation before courts, dealing also with seizures and court auctions.


At CAYAD we handle the drafting of lease agreements (also conducting the appropriate searches as to solvency of the tenants and guarantors), as well as the corresponding litigation to defend the respective rights or to obtain the possession of a leased property, be it commercial, industrial or residential.


In the administrative branch we cover the resolutions issued by the administrative authorities (including fiscal authorities) and “amparo” proceedings in many areas and fields, as well as constitutional controversies and remedies before the Supreme Court of Justice. We provide our services from the first instances to the final judgement, including the appellate level and the “amparo proceeding” (constitutional review).